Enter the wireless LAN settings on the MP560, MP640, MP990

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Enter the access point name / network name (SSID) and security settings (WEP, WPA, etc.) on the machine.


Access Point / Router

The following information is required to connect to your access point or router. Once the information is obtained write it down for future reference.

Note: For details on how to check the following information, refer to the manual of your access point or router, or contact its manufacturer.

  • Access Point Name / Network Name (An identifier to identify the specific access point.)
    * Also referred to as SSID
  • Network Key
    * Also referred to as encryption key, WEP key or WPA/WPA2 passphrase, Pre-Shared key.
    A password is required to prevent unauthorized access to communication.


Important: An "Ad-hoc connection," which establishes a direct connection to the computer over wireless connection without using an access point, is not supported.

Be sure to prepare an access point.


  1. Use the Easy-Scroll Wheel (A) to select Settings, then press the <OK> button.

    The above illustration is a PIXMA MP560.

  2. Select [Wireless LAN setup], then press the <OK> button.

  3. Select [Yes], then press the <OK> button.
    When wireless connection is enabled, the Wi-Fi lamp (B) lights blue.

  4. Select [Easy settings], then press the <OK> button.

  5. Select the access point name you wrote down , then press the <OK> button.

    • If you are living in an apartment, nearby access points in use may be detected.
    • The access point names with 2-byte characters are not displayed properly, however, can be selected.

  6. When one of the following screens is displayed, enter the network key you wrote down then press the <OK> button.
    1. If the following screen is not displayed or message Failed to connect to access point appears, make sure the network key is correct, then enter it again.
    2. Use the Easy-Scroll Wheel to select the character. Use the button to move the cursor to the right.

      Note: Enter upper and lower case letters of the alphabet correctly.

  7. Make sure that the network key is correct, then press the <OK> button.

  8. When the completion screen appears, press the <OK> button, then press the HOME button (C).
    The standby screen returns.



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