Uninstall and reinstall EOS Utility (Windows Vista).
Article ID: ART109393 | Date published: 05/11/2015 | Date last updated: 11/04/2015


Uninstall and reinstall EOS Utility (Windows Vista).


Please follow the procedure below to uninstall (delete) EOS Utility and then re-install the software.


Exit any applications before uninstalling EOS Utility.

How to uninstall (delete) the software

1. Click [start]( ), [Control panel].

2. Click [Uninstall a program].

3. Select [Canon Utilities EOS Utility ], then click [Uninstall/Change].

4. When the following dialog box appears, click [Yes] to start uninstalling EOS Utility.

5. When the uninstallation is finished, the following dialog appears.

Click [OK] to close the window.

Re-installing EOS Utility

1. After uninstalling EOS Utility by following one of the procedures above, restart your computer.


To prevent computer malfunctions, always restart your computer after you have uninstalled EOS Utility. Re-installing the software without first restarting your computer is particularly likely to result in computer malfunctions.

2. Check the version (Ver.) listed on the top of the EOS DIGITAL Solution Disk before installing the software.

  • If your CD-ROM is version (Ver.) 13 or earlier, please download the euxxxen.exe (the "xxx" indicates the version number) updater from the Canon Web site and install the software by following the on-screen messages displayed. If the [User Account Control] screen is displayed, please follow the instructions displayed.
  • If your CD-ROM is version (Ver.) 14 or later, please install the software by following the procedures below.

3. Insert the EOS DIGITAL Solution Disk (CD-ROM) into the computer.

If the following window appears, click [Run SETUP.EXE].

4. Select the country where you live, and then click [Next].

5. Click [Custom Installation] .

6. Close any other applications, and then click [OK].

7. In the [Software to be installed] window, select EOS Utility ( ), and then click [Next].

8. Click [Install].

9. Click [Yes] to accept the License Agreement.

10. The following window appears, and installation starts.

11. Click [Next].

12. The following window appears. Select [No, I will register later.] here, and then click [Next].

To register your camera on CANON iMAGE GATEWAY, select [Yes, I would.].

13. Click [OK].

14. Click [Finish].

15. If a message appears prompting you to restart the computer, click [Restart], and when the computer has restarted, remove the CD-ROM.

This completes the procedure for re-installing EOS Utility.