Setting up Relay Recording with the XA10 and VIXIA HF G10

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Setting up Relay Recording with the XA10 and VIXIA HF G10


You can activate relay recording so if the memory you are using becomes full while recording movies, the recording will continue automatically on a memory card.

When recording in the built-in memory, you can choose to use only memory card A for relay recording ( ), or use memory cards ( ). When recording on memory card A, you can use memory card B for relay recording ( ).

Confirm the following information regarding the relay recording settings.

Insert a memory card that contains no video recordings into the card slot of the memory card you want to use for relay recording.

  • When relay recording from the built-in memory: memory card slot or memory card slots.
  • When relay recording from memory card A: memory card slot only.
  • You cannot use relay recording from the built-in memory to memory card B. When using a single memory card, be sure to insert it into memory card slot .
  • During Story Creator mode, relay recording and double slot recording are not available.
  1. Set the mode switch to <M> or <CINEMA>.

  2. Turn on the camcorder.

  3. Touch [ ].

  4. Touch [ ].

  5. Touch [ ].

  6. Drag your finger up and down bring [ Rec Media for Movies ] into the orange selection bar, and touch inside the frame on the right.

  7. Touch [ ] or [ ].

  8. Touch [Relay Recording].

  9. Touch [ ] or [ ].
    - If [ ] was selected in Step 8, then you can only choose [ ].

  10. Touch [ ] to close the menu.


  • There will be a momentary stop in the scene at the point where the camcorder switches from one memory to another.

  • Any of the following actions will deactivate the relay recording function:
    - Turning off the camcorder.
    - Opening the double memory card slot cover.
    - Changing the position of the mode switch.
    - Changing the camcorder's operating mode.
    - Changing the memory used for recording movies.



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