Procedure for deleting scenes on the FS30 series camcorders
Article ID: ART109648 | Date published: 05/11/2015 | Date last updated: 08/17/2015


Procedure for deleting scenes on the FS30 series camcorders


Deleting Scenes

  1. Set the camcorder to play movies ().
  2. From the index screen, select (,) the scene you want to delete and press the <FUNC.> button.

    You can also press the <FUNC.> button while playing back a scene. After pressing the <FUNC.> button, press the button to pause the playback.
  3. Select () the (DELETE) and press ().
  4. Select the desired option [ALL SCENES], [ALL SCENES (THIS DATE)], [ONE SCENE], or [SELECTED SCENES] and press ().
  5. Select [YES] and then select [OK] to delete the scene.
    - Deleting an original recording, will also delete the scene from the playlist.
  6. Press the [FUNC.] button to close the menu.


  • Be careful when deleting original recordings. Once deleted, an original scene cannot be recovered.
  • Back up important scenes before deleting them.
  • Observe the following precautions while the ACCESS indicator is on or flashing (while scenes are being deleted).
    - Do not open the memory card slot cover.
    - Do not disconnect the power source or turn off the camcorder.
    - Do not change the position of the mode dial.
  • Deleting a scene from the original index screen also deletes that scene from the playlist.
  • To delete all movies and make all recordable space available again you may prefer to initialize the memory.
  • You may not be able to delete scenes recorded or edited using another device.