Controlling the On-Screen displays with the DISP./BATT. INFO button on a VIXIA HF10, HF11, or HF100

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Controlling the On-Screen displays with the DISP./BATT. INFO button on a VIXIA HF10, HF11, or HF100


Repeatedly press <DISP.> to turn the on-screen displays on/off in the following sequence:

, mode:

  • All displays on
  • Most displays off*
  • Full-screen display** (100%)


  • All displays on
  • Data code only
  • All displays off


  • All displays on
  • Regular displays only (removes the histogram and information icons)
  • All displays off

*Pressing <DISP.> will turn off most of the icons and displays that appear automatically but will not remove onscreen displays that were turned on manually (for example, onscreen markers, the audio level meter or the joystick guide
**Only displayed in record pause mode, not while recording.
- To remove all of the onscreen displays from playback select [OFF] on the [TV SCREEN] option in the [Display Setup] menu.

About the Full-Screen Display

During the playback of movies and photos on a TV or monitor set to fullscreen display, you may notice that the picture on the TV is slightly broader than the picture normally shown on the camcorder's screen. In record pause mode, press <DISP.> repeatedly until 100% appears on the screen, to display exactly the same picture that can be seen during fullscreen playback.

About the Data Code

With every scene or photo recorded, the camcorder keeps a data code (date/time of recording, information about the camera setup, etc.). In mode, this information is displayed on the bottom bar and as information icons: in mode, you can select the information to be displayed with the [Data Code] setting in the menu.

About the <BATT. INFO> button.

When the camcorder is off, press <BATT. INFO> to display the charge status of a battery pack. The Intelligent System will display the charge status (as a percentage) and the remaining recording time (in minutes) for 5 seconds. If the battery pack is exhausted, the battery information may not be displayed.



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