How to release the shutter automatically using the self-timer and Smart Shutter.

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The camera can release the shutter automatically without pressing the shutter button.

Using the self-timer

The self-timer can be used to shoot a group photo that includes the photographer or to prevent camera shake when pressing the shutter button.

Restrictions with the self-timer function in certain shooting modes

1. Press the <Power> button on the camera.

2. Press the Down <directional button>.

3. The following window appears.

Operate the <directional button> up or down, and select from [10 sec. Self-Timer] (), [2 sec. Self-Timer] (), or [Custom Timer] ().

After making a selection, press the <FUNC./SET> () button.


  • If [Custom Timer] () is selected, you can set the delay to between 0 and 30 seconds, and the number of shots to between 1 and 10 shots.

To make the setting, press the < > button to set [Delay] and [Shots].

Please note that when the camera is in the following modes, there are restrictions to the available self-timer functions.
... No restrictions
... Cannot be set
... 0-second delay cannot be set
Model Self-timer Shooting mode
PowerShot A2200
PowerShot A3200 IS
PowerShot A3300 IS
PowerShot A1200
Using Smart Shutter

If you set the [Rec. Mode] to [Smart Shutter] (), the camera will use the face-detection function to perform various types of automatic shooting.

Shooting modes in which automatic shooting is possible using Smart Shutter

1. Set the <Mode Dial> to [SCN] and then press the <Power> button.

2. Press the <FUNC./SET> () button.

3. The following screen appears.

Operate the <directional buttons> up or down to select [Rec. Mode]*.

* If the settings have never been changed, the following [shooting modes] will be displayed.

PowerShot A3200 IS, PowerShot A3300 IS ... () [Portrait]

PowerShot A2200, PowerShot A1200 ... () [Blur Reduction]

4. The following screen appears.

Operate the <directional buttons> left or right to select the [Smart Shutter] ().

After the settings are completed, press the <FUNC./SET> () button.

5. Press the <> button.

6. The following screen appears.

Operate the <directional button> left or right, select a shooting mode from [Smile] (), [Wink Self-Timer] (), and [Face Self-Timer] (). For details on the shooting modes that can be set for [Smart Shutter], refer to the following table.

Operate the <directional button> up or down to select the number of shots.

After the settings are completed, press the <> button.

Function Description Supplemental Information
The camera will shoot, even without pressing the shutter button, when it detects a smile. - Each time the camera detects a smile, it will shoot after the lamp lights.
- If a smile is not detected, facing the camera and smiling with the mouth open to show some teeth will make it easier for the camera to detect the smile.
- You should switch to another mode when you finish shooting, or the camera will continue taking shots each time the camera detects a smile.
- You can also shoot by pressing the shutter button.
[Wink Self-Timer]
Point the camera at a person and press the shutter button fully. The camera will shoot approximately two seconds after it detects a wink. - Wink a bit slowly.
- A wink may not be detected if eyes are covered by hair or a hat, or when wearing glasses.
- Shutting eyes will also be detected as a wink.
- If a wink is not detected, the camera will automatically shoot after about 15 seconds later.
- If there are no people in the shot when the shutter button is pressed fully, the camera will shoot after a person enters the shot and winks.
[Face Self-Timer]
The shutter will release approximately two seconds after the camera detects a new face. You can use this when the photographer wants to be in the image, such as a group photo. - To cancel shooting with the self-timer after the countdown has started, press the down button of the < directional buttons >.
- If the camera cannot detect the face of a new subject that has entered the shot, it will shoot after about 15 seconds later.



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