Initializing the memory with the VIXIA HF S30

Article ID: ART110135 | Date published: 05/11/2015 | Date last updated: 08/17/2015


Initializing the memory with the VIXIA HF S30


Initialize memory cards when you use them with this camcorder for the first time. You can also initialize a memory card or the built-in memory to permanently delete all the recordings it contains.

At the time of purchase, the built-in memory comes pre-initialized and contains music files for use as background music during playback.

  • Initializing the memory will permanently erase all recordings. Lost original recordings cannot be recovered. Make sure you save important recordings in advance using an external device.
  • Initializing a memory card will permanently erase any music files you may have transferred to the card.
  • At the time of purchase, Eye-Fi cards contain the necessary network configuration software. Be sure to install the software and complete the required configuration setup before you initialize the Eye-Fi card prior to using it with this camcorder.

1. Power the camcorder using the compact power adapter.


Do not disconnect the power source or turn off the camcorder until the initialization is completed.

2. Set the mode switch to <M>.

3. Turn on the camcorder.

4. Touch [ ].

5. Touch [Menu].

6. Touch [ ].

7. Drag your finger up and down bring [ Initialize / ] into the orange selection bar, and touch inside the frame on the right.

8. Touch [Built-in Mem.], [Mem. Card A] or [Mem. Card B].

9. Touch [Initialize].

10. Touch [Yes] to start initialization.


  • Touch [Complete Initialization] this option if you want to physically erase all the data rather than just clear the file allocation table of the memory.

  • If you selected the [Complete Initialization] option, you can touch [b] to cancel the initialization while it is in progress. All recordings will be erased and the memory can be used without any problem.

11. Touch [OK].



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