Using the VIXIA HF series Touch and Track feature
Article ID: ART110288 | Date published: 05/11/2015 | Date last updated: 08/17/2015


Using the VIXIA HF series Touch and Track feature


When recording people, face detection will track the main subject and adjust the optimal settings. But also when recording other moving subjects such as you pet, a moving vehicle, or people not facing the camera directly, you can use Touch & Track to keep your subject in focus and achieve the best results.
  1. Make sure face detection is activated.
  2. Point the camcorder at a moving subject and touch the subject on the touch screen.
    - A white double frame will appear around the subject and track it as it moves.
  3. Touch [Cancel] to remove the frame and cancel the tracking.


In certain cases, Touch & Track may not be able to track the subject.

Typical examples include:
- Subjects extremely small or large in relation to the overall picture.
- Subjects too similar to the background.
- Subjects lacking sufficient contrast.
- Fast moving subjects.
- When shooting indoors with insufficient lighting.