Changing the recording frame rate with the XA10

Article ID: ART110744 | Date published: 05/11/2015 | Date last updated: 08/17/2015


Changing the recording frame rate with the XA10


Selecting the Frame Rate

You can change the frame rate (the number of frames recorded per second) to change the look of your movies.

  1. Touch the <FUNC.> icon.
  2. Touch the <MENU> icon.
  3. Touch the FILM tab.
  4. Touch <FRAME RATE> and select the desired frame rate.
  5. Then touch <X> to close the menu.

Frame Rate Options:

60i (Standard)

60 fields per second, interlaced. Standard frame rate of NTSC analog TV signals.


Shooting at 30 frames per second, progressive*. Use this frame rate to easily edit your recordings, for example, to post them on the Web.


Shooting at 24 frames per second, progressive*. Using this frame rate will give your recordings a cinematic look. Recording in [CINEMA] mode will further enhance the effect.


24 frames per second, progressive. Using this frame rate will achieve the same cinematic look at [PF24], the difference being that video is recorded as true 24p.

*Recorded as 60i


Movies recorded with the [24P] frame rate cannot be converted to standard definition using the camcorder. If you want to upload your movies to video sharing Web sites, set the frame rate to [PF24].



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