Reinstall the Print Head - PIXMA MX882

Article ID: ART110876 | Date published: 05/11/2015 | Date last updated: 02/27/2020


Errors and print issues can often be resolved by reseating the print head on your PIXMA MX882 printer.


Follow these instructions to reseat the print head.

Remove the ink tanks and print head

  1. Turn the printer ON, and gently open the paper output tray.
  2. Lift the cover, then hold it open with the Scanning Unit Support (A). The print head moves to the replacement position.

    Cover shown being opened, then held up with Scanning Unit Support (A)
  3. Push the tab (B) and lift up an ink tank to remove it. Repeat this until each tank is removed.
    Caution Be careful not to touch the print head lock lever (C).

    Tab on ink tank (B) shown being lifted up. Warning not to touch print head lock lever (C)

  4. Raise the print head lock lever, tilt the print head slightly towards the front of the machine, then gently lift it out.

    Print head shown lifted out

    Caution Be careful not to touch the print head nozzles <1> , electrical contacts <2>, or ink supply ports <3>. If you do, it may cause printing problems.

    Figure shows print nozzles (1), electrical contact (2) and ink supply ports (3)
  5. Before going to the next step, check the carriage area for packing material, torn paper, etc. and remove anything you find.

Reinstall the print head and ink tanks

  1. Tilt the print head and set it back into place. Lower the print head lock lever (E) completely.

    Figure shows print head being tilted toward the back of the machine, then snapped into place
  2. Re-insert the front end of each ink tank at a slant into the print head. Make sure the position of the tank matches the label.

    Figure shows ink tank being slanted down toward the back of the machine, then inserted

  3. ​Press the PUSH icon (Push mark) on the ink tank until it snaps firmly into place.

  4. Make sure the ink lamp lights up red.

    FIgure shows read light lit on ink lamp

  5. Lift the cover slightly and return the support to its original position. Gently close the cover.
    Caution Be careful not to jam your fingers when you close the cover.
Note When the next print task begins, the print head automatically starts the cleaning process.



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