Basic Copying Method (MF3010)
Article ID: ART110888 | Date published: 05/11/2015 | Date last updated: 04/28/2022


Basic Copying Method


Printed instructions follow the video.



Before copying

  • If the [ ] indicator is on or other than [1] is displayed, the previous copy settings are remained. In this case, press [ ] to reset the copy settings.

* If a key is not pressed for 2 minutes, the copy settings will be automatically reset.

  Operating results Operating procedures
1 Place the document.
2 Press [ ] or [ ] to specify the copy quantity.
Specify the copy quantity first.
You can set the copy quantity to "F" or "1" to "9."
You can register the custom copy quantity (user-defined number up to twenty-nine copies) to "F." The pre-defined settings comes useful if you copy a certain number of quantity, or want to copy more than 10 sets.
3 Press [ ] to start copying.
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Press [

When copying a document without margins

  • Images may be partially cut off on the output.