Setting a Paper Type (MF3010)

Article ID: ART110894 | Date published: 05/11/2015 | Date last updated: 04/26/2022


Setting a Paper Type


Setting a Paper Type

After loading paper in the cassette, change the menu settings according to the paper type.

Operating results Operating procedures
1 Press [ ] (Menu setting key), and then start the menu operation.
When the menu is operating, the menu indicator blinks.
2 Press [ ] or [ ] until "P" is displayed.
3 Press [ ], and set the menu to be able to change the settings.
4 Press [ ] or [ ] to change the setting values.
The display and the paper types are matched as follows.
Display Paper type
1 Plain paper
+1 Plain paper L
2 Heavy paper 1
+2 Heavy paper 2
3 Rough paper
4 Envelopes
5 Transparencies
6 Labels
5 Press [ ] to confirm the setting.
6 Press [ ] (Menu setting key) to exit the menu operation.
The menu indicator turns off.



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