Name of components and information displayed on the screen (PowerShot SX230 HS / PowerShot SX220 HS)
Article ID: ART111008 | Date published: 05/11/2015 | Date last updated: 11/16/2015


Front Panel
LensTripod Socket
Zoom Lever
Shooting : (Telephoto) / (Wide Angle)
Playback :
(Magnify) / (Index)
DC Coupler Terminal Cover
Shutter ButtonMemory Card / Battery Cover
GPS Signal Receiver Strap Mount

Back Panel
Screen (LCD Monitor) (Playback) Button (
Power ButtonMovie Button
Mode Dial (Exposure Compensation) / Button
Indicator (Macro) / MF (Manual Focus) / Button
A/V OUT (Audio/Video Output) / DIGITAL TerminalControl Dial (see below)
HDMI Terminal FUNC./SET Button
Button (Flash) / Button
Button (Self-Timer) / Button

Shooting (Information Display)
Eye-Fi Connection StatusFlash Exposure Compensation / Flash Output
Battery Charge IndicatorDate Stamp
Camera Orientation*ISO Speed
White BalanceExposure Compensation Bar
My ColorsAE Lock, FE Lock
Drive ModeShutter Speed
Self-TimerAperture Value
Camera Shake WarningExposure Compensation Amount
Metering MethodGrid Lines
GPS Reception Status Focusing Range
Compression, Recording Pixelsi-Contrast
Still Images : Recordable ShotsZoom Bar
AF FrameBlink Detection
Movies: Recording PixelsExposure Level
Remaining TimeMF Indicator
Spot AE Point FrameExposure Shift Bar
Digital Zoom Magnification / Digital Tele-converterImage Stabilizer
Shooting Mode, Scene IconTime Zone
Flash ModeWind Filter
Red-Eye Correction

* : Standard, : Held vertically

When shooting, the camera detects if it is held vertically or horizontally, and adjusts settings accordingly for the best shot. It also detects orientation during playback, so you can hold the camera in either orientation and it will automatically rotate images for correct viewing. This function may not operate correctly when the camera is pointed straight up or down.

Playback (Detailed Information Display)
Switch Display (GPS Information Display) Displayed image number / Total number of images
My CategoryShutter Speed (Still Images), Image Quality/ Frame Rate (Movies)
Shooting ModeAperture Value
ISO Speed, Playback SpeedFlash, Flash Exposure Compensation
Exposure Compensation Amount, Exposure Shift AmountFocusing Range
White BalanceFile Size
HistogramStill Images : Recording Pixels / Movies : Movie Length
Group Playback, Image EditingProtect
Compression (Image Quality) / Recording Pixels, MOV (Movies)Favorites
Movies, High-speed Burst, Print ListMy Colors
Eye-Fi Transfer CompleteShooting Date and Time
Battery Charge IndicatorRed-Eye Correction
Metering Methodi-Contrast
Folder Number – File Number