Number of Recordable Still Photos and Total Movie Recording Time on Memory Cards with EOS REBEL T3/EOS 1100D

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Number of Recordable Still Photos on A Memory Card

Guide to Image-recording Quality Settings (Approx.)

Quality Pixels Recorded Printing Size File Size (MB) Possible Shots Maximum Burst
Approx. 12.2 megapixels (18M) Around A3 4.4 830 830

2.2 1600 1600

Approx. 6.3 megapixels
Around A4 2.6 1400 1400

1.4 2630 2630

Approx. 3.4 megapixels
1.7 2130 2130

0.9 4060 4060
Approx. 2.5
12.7x8.9cm/5.0x3.5in. 1.2 2880 2880
Approx. 0.35
- 0.3 11280 11280
Approx. 12.2 megapixels
Around A3 16.7 210 5
RAW+JPEG + 16.7+4.4 170 1
  • and have (Fine) quality.
  • Figures for the file size, number of possible shots, and maximum burst are based on Canon's 4GB test card and testing standards (ISO 100 and Standard Picture Style). These figures will vary depending on the subject, card brand, ISO speed, Picture Style, Custom Functions, and other settings.
  • RAW + JPEG records a RAW and JPEG image with a single shot. The two images are saved to the card simultaneously. The two images will be saved in the same folder with the same file numbers (file extension .JPG for JPEG and .CR2 for RAW). Total Movie Recording Time on Memory Cards and Approx. File Size Per Minute
Movie-recording Size Total Recording Time File Size
Movie's image size Frame rate(*) 4GB Card 8GB Card 16GB Card
HD (High-Definition) recording quality
17 min. 34 min. 1 hr. 8 min. 222.6 MB/min.

*Frame rate is the value that indicates the number of frames recorded per second (fps).

[ ] :For areas where the TV format is NTSC (North America, Japan, Korea, Mexico, etc.).

[ ] :For areas where the TV format is PAL (Europe, Russia, China, Australia, etc.).

  • Due to the file system, movie shooting will stop automatically if the file size of a single movie clip reaches 4GB. You can immediately resume shooting another movie by pressing the < > button. (A new movie file starts being recorded.)
  • Movie shooting in Full High-Definition (Full HD) or Standard Definition (SD) quality is not possible.
  • With ZoomBrowser EX/ImageBrowser (provided software), you can extract still photos from a movie. The quality of the extracted still photo will be [1280x720] for about 920,000 pixels.
  • When shooting movies, use a large-capacity SD card rated SD Speed Class 6 " " or higher.
  • If you use a slow-writing card when shooting movies, the movie might not be recorded properly. And if you playback a movie on a card having a slow reading speed, the movie might not playback properly.
  • An increase of the camera's temperature may cause movie shooting to stop before the maximum recording time shown in the table above.



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