Clearing a Paper Jam (DR-M160)

Article ID: ART111733 | Date published: 05/11/2015 | Date last updated: 12/09/2015


When paper jams during scanning, use the following procedure to clear the jammed paper.


When paper jams and double feeds are detected during scanning, the following error codes are displayed in the scanner's display panel and scanning is interrupted.

Paper jam error code

When a paper jam or double feed occurs during scanning, use the following procedures to clear them.

Be careful when removing jammed paper, take care not to cut your hand on the edges of the paper.

  1. Remove any documents that have been left in the feed tray.

  2. Pull the OPEN lever and pull open the front unit toward you.

    The 'C" error code appears in the operating panel when the front unit is open.

  3. Remove the jammed document.

    Make sure to pull the document out carefully, without applying too much force. If the jammed paper tears while you are pulling it out, make sure to remove any remaining pieces from inside the scanner..

  4. Close the front unit by gently pushing it up on sides until it clicks into place. Make sure that the front unit is completely closed by pushing until you hear a click.

    After you remove the jammed paper, check to see if the last page was scanned correctly, and then continue scanning.

    If a paper jam occurs when [Rapid recovery system] check box is ON in the scanner driver setting screen, the image data of the document is not saved and operation is interrupted. This allows you to continue scanning from the document that caused the paper jam after the paper jam is fixed. This function is only enabled in applications that support rapid recovery system..



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