Number of Still Images / Length of Movies That Can Be Recorded on a Memory Card (PowerShot SX40 HS / S100)
Article ID: ART111816 | Date published: 05/11/2015 | Date last updated: 08/17/2015


Still Image
Recording PixelsCompression
Single Image Data Size
(Approx. KB)
Number of Shots per Memory Card
(Approx. shots)
4 GB16 GB
12M / 4000x3000
(Medium 1)
6M / 2816x2112
(Medium 2)
2M / 1600x1200
0.3M / 640x480

  • The values in the table are measured according to Canon standards and may change depending on the subject, memory card and camera settings.
  • The values in the table are based on 4:3 aspect ratio. If the aspect ratio is changed, more images can be shot because the data size per image will be smaller than with 4:3 images. However, since () 16:9 images have a setting of 1920 x 1080 pixels, their data size will be larger than 4:3 images.

Image Quality
(Recording Pixels, Frame Rate)
ContentMemory Card Capacity
4 GB16 GB
1920 x 1080 pixels,
24 frames/sec.
For shooting Full HD movies.Approx. 14 min. 34 sec.Approx. 59 min. 40 sec.
1280 x 720 pixels,
30 frames/sec.
For shooting highdefinition (HD) movies.Approx. 20 min. 43 sec.*1Approx. 1 hr. 24 min. 54 sec.*2
640 x 480 pixels,
30 frames/sec.
For shooting standard definition (SD) movies.Approx. 43 min. 43 sec.Approx. 2 hr. 59 min. 3 sec.
*1: Approx. 13 min. 35 sec. for iFrame movies
*2: Approx. 55 min. 38 sec. for iFrame movies

  • Based on Canon’s testing standards.
  • Recording will automatically stop when the clip file size reaches 4 GB, or when the recording time reaches approximately 29 minutes and 59 seconds when shooting in () or () , and approximately 1 hour when shooting in ().
  • Recording may stop even if the maximum clip length has not been reached on some memory cards. SD Speed Class 6 or higher memory cards are recommended.


In () and (), black bars appear on the top and bottom of the screen. These areas cannot be recorded.