How to View Recorded Images with the RM-Lite software

Article ID: ART112561 | Date published: 05/11/2015 | Date last updated: 08/17/2015


View Recorded Images

Record Now

Start recording while watching the live image

1 Click the video window displaying the image to be recorded.

A white frame surrounding the selected video window is displayed.

2 Click [Record Now] on the toolbar.

Recording starts. The upper part of the window is red when recording. Recording stops automatically after the set time period


  • The maximum frame rate is 5 fps.
  • The recording duration can be specified, however, the actual duration may depend on various settings and on network delay.


The [Record Now] duration can be changed. For details, see "Configure the Viewer Display and Operation Settings


You can use [Record Now] to immediately record during a period where there is no recording schedule set.

Save a Snapshot of the Displayed Image

You can take a snapshot of the displayed image and save the still image.

1 Click [Capture] on the toolbar to display the [Capture Still Frame] dialog box.

2 Set the still image to be saved.

1 [Display camera name] check box

Select this check box if you want to add the camera name to the still image.

2 [Display timestamp] check box

Select this check box if you want to add the time and date to the lower right side of the saved still image. (You cannot specify the position, font, size or color.)

3 [Save As]

Save the preview image.

4 [Cancel]

Closes the dialog box.

3 Click [Save As].

4 Specify the file name and storage location and click [Save].

The file is saved in the specified location and the focus is placed on the [Capture Still Frame] dialog box again.

5 Click [Cancel] to close the dialog box.

M700 M600 M40 C500

If you use the on screen display feature of the camera, the date and time on the snapshot may look different from the date and time on the on screen display. In addition, we recommend that you display characters on the upper right or upper left of the snapshot


Do not specify the Windows folder or the Program Files folder on the system drive as the destination for the snapshot images. Images cannot be saved to these folders.


  • You cannot operate the preview when displaying the [Capture Still Frame] dialog box. You must operate the camera in advance to set its angle.
  • The .bmp file format is used for still images.



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