How to setup a Special Schedule in the software for the VB-C50i/VB-C50iR

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How to setup a Special Schedule in the software for the VB-C50i/VB-C50iR


Special Schedule

With Special Schedule, you can set up a schedule on one specific day of the week. For example, on a public holiday when there is nobody in the office, set up a service to automatically monitor the office.

Special Schedule Display Screen

1. Set Special Day selection box - Select the special day you want to register from special days A-D or select "Erase Special Day".

2. "Special Day List" button - Click to display the Special Day List dialog box. The dates of all registered Special Days are displayed as a list. You can also add, delete and edit the date, as well as delete all dates.

3. Monthly Calendar - The Special Days registered on each date are displayed.

4. Special Day Schedule - The content of the settings for each Special Day is displayed. You can set the Special Day Schedule with a maximum of the 4 special days from A-D.

5. Sub-schedule track - The Sub-schedule track is the schedule as a graph on the Special Day Schedule. Double-click to set up services and start and end times. You can set a maximum of 4 Sub-schedule tracks for each Special Day Schedule.

6. Sub-schedule track setting details display - Displays the setting details of the sub-schedule track dragged on the Special Day Schedule.

Setting Up a Special Schedule

1. With the Special Schedule displayed, select from the Special Day selection box the Special Day you want to register in the Schedule.

Click the date on which you want to register a Schedule and the Special Day you have selected is registered


  • You can only set one type of Special Day per day.
  • You can set one Special Day a maximum of 32 times.
  • You can also set up a Schedule by right-clicking on a date on the calendar.
  • You can add, delete, edit and delete all from the Special Day List dialog box by clicking the Special Day List button.

2. Select the optional sub-schedule track from the Special Day Schedule to be used.

In each Special Day Schedule, 4 Sub-schedule tracks have been provided. Select a Sub-schedule track to activate.

3. Double-click the sub-schedule track.

The Special Schedule Settings dialog box appears. Enter settings for the schedule.

4. Enter the name of the Special Day Schedule.

You can enter a maximum of 15 characters for the Special Day Schedule. The schedule name you enter here is the name for the Special Day schedule (A-D), which is different from the Sub-schedule name. You cannot set a name for a Sub-schedule.

5. Display the Schedule tab and enter settings for start and end times of the schedule.


  • Enter a schedule between 0:00 and 24:00. However, be sure to enter an end time which is later than the start time.
  • You cannot enter 24:00 as a start time.

6. Display the Service tab and enter settings for the services.


  • The Service Setting screen can also be displayed by clicking a button on the toolbar for each service.
  • Where settings for the services have been entered from the Service tab in the Schedule Setting screen, the selected setting number cannot be changed with the Service tab.
7. When you have completed setting the sub-schedule tracks, click "OK" button.

If you want to set two or more special days, select another special day from the Special Day selection box, and enter similar settings.


  • An icon for the service you have set up appears in the schedule track in the calendar. However, where the schedule track is short, it may be that not all of icons are displayed. The icons displayed for each service are as follows:

  • The days and start and end times set in the Schedule tab are shown by the position and length of a schedule track. You can change the position and length of a subschedule track by directly dragging it with the mouse. However, the schedule track cannot display a period of time shorter than 10 minutes and therefore periods of time shorter than 10 minutes are also displayed as periods of 10 minutes.
  • You cannot set 2 schedules which have the same service with the same start and end time. If you try to do so, a warning message will be displayed.
  • You can copy and paste information about a Special Day to another Special Day. For example, to copy information from Special Day A to Special Day B, right-click in Special A Schedule and select "Copy from Special Day A". In Special Day B Schedule, right-click in the same way and select "Paste to Special Day B".

8. Once all the schedules have been set, click the "Save Settings" button in the Schedule Setting screen to save the schedules.


  • If you have set up a Normal Schedule and a Special Schedule with the same start and end time, the Special Schedule will have priority over the Normal Schedule.
  • If you want to execute a Special day schedule on the same month and day each year, right-click the Special Day registered on the date in the monthly calendar, and select "Every Year". When you have done so, the Special Day on the calendar is displayed in red.
  • You cannot set "Every Year" on 29 February of a leap year.



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