Resetting the counter (P-215)

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The counter in the scanner that records the number of paper fed needs to be reset when you replace the rollers.


Make sure to reset the scanner’s counters using the following procedure whenever you replace the feed roller or separation pad.

This section describes the procedure to use when the Auto Start switch on the rear panel of the scanner is set to the “OFF” position.If the Auto Start switch is set to the “ON” position (when you only use CaptureOnTouch Lite and have not installed CaptureOnTouch and the scanner driver on your computer), you cannot reset the counter using this procedure. In this case, you can reset the counter from CaptureOnTouch Lite. Follow these steps to reset the counter.

Under Windows

  1. Start Windows and log in as user with administrator privileges.

  2. Click the Start button, and then click [All Programs], [Canon P-215], and [Canon imageFORMULA Utility].
    imageFiormula Utility starts.

  3. Click [Canon P-215 USB] and click [Properties].
    Scanner properties are displayed.

  4. Click the [Maintenance] tab and then select [Reset].
    If you replaced the feed rollers, click [Reset] for [Current Rollers].If you replaced the separation pad, click [Reset] for [Current Pad].

  5. Click [OK] to close the scanner properties.


Under Mac OS X

  1. Start CaptureOnTouch.

  2. Click [Scan First].

  3. Click [OFF] next to [Scans in the full auto mode].

  4. Click the [Scanner setting] button.

  5. Click [ON] next to [Use advanced settings dialog box].

  6. Click .
    This will open the advanced settings dialog box for the scanner.

  7. Click   to display the [Scanner Information] dialog box.

  8. Click [Maintenance] to display the [Maintenance] dialog box.

  9. Reset the counters.
    If you replaced the feed rollers, click [Reset] for [Current Rollers Count].
    If you replaced the separation pad, click [Reset] for [Current Pad Count].

  10. Click   to close the scanner properties.



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