Configuration and Functions of the Scanner Driver (P-215)

Article ID: ART112774 | Date published: 05/11/2015 | Date last updated: 08/17/2015


The scanner driver consists of the following five tabs.


The scanner driver consists of the following five tabs.

For details on the setting screen, see the Help of the scanner driver. Click the [Help] button of the driver to display help related to the corresponding tab or dialog box.

[Basic] Tab
Configure basic scanning conditions such as the mode, page size, resolution, and scanning side.
In addition, you can click the [Area] button and specify the area to be scanned.

Depending on the ISIS compatible application, the application may have its own screen for setting scanning conditions. If the scanner driver is opened in such an application, setting items related to the functions provided by the scanner driver other than scanning conditions will be displayed on the [Basic] tab.

[Brightness] Tab
Adjust the brightness and contrast of scanned images.In addition, you can also click [Gamma] and set the gamma correction value for scanned images.

[Image processing] Tab
Set the processing method for scanned images.

[Feeding] Tab
Specify scanner operations related to document feeding.

[Others] Tab
Configure settings for specialized scanning and image processing.

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