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By default, CaptureOnTouch Lite scans with scanning conditions that match the document because scanning in full auto mode is enabled.
If you want to specify, for example, the scanning mode and document size, you can configure the desired scanning conditions in the scanner settings.
The scanner setting items are common to Scan First and Select Scan Job.

When Scan First:

 For Scan First, configure the scanner settings before you start scanning.

When Select Scan Job:

For Select Scan Job, configure the scanner settings for each job.


Setting Basic Items

Scanner settings include the basic items that are configured in [Scanner setting], and the setting items that are configured in the advanced settings dialog box. The settings in the advanced settings dialog box are applied for settings other than the basic items.
The settings in the driver settings dialog box are applied for any other settings.

Color Mode
Select from the following modes for scanning documents.

Detect automatically   Automatically determins the color mode based on the document content and scans accordingly.
24-bit                       Scans the document in color.
Grayscale                  Scans the document in Grayscale.
Black and White         Scans the document in black and white (binary).

Page Size
Specify the page size of the document.
If you specify [Match original size], the page size of the scanned document is detected and the images are saved at the detected size.

Dots per inch
Specify the scanning resolution.When [Detect automatically] is specified, the resolution is detected automatically from the content of the scanned document.

Scanning Side
Specify whether to scan only one side or sides of a document.When [Skip blank page] is specified, any blank paged detected within the document is skipped during scanning.

Automatically straightens skewed images
When a document is scanned skewed, the skewed scanned images are detected and then straightened.

Rotate image to match orientation of text
The orientation of text in scanned images is detected, and the images are rotated so that the text is correctly oriented.

Use advanced settings dialog box
Configure scanner settings other than the basic items in the advanced settings dialog box (scanner driver). To open the scanner driver, select [ON] and then click the   button.
For details on the setting items, see the Help of the driver settings dialog box.

The driver settings dialog box includes setting items that are the same as the basic items in [Scanner setting], but the setting for each of the them is stored separately. Which settings are used during scanning differs as follows depending on the setting of the [Use advanced settings dialog box] check box.

Setting of [Use advanced settings dialog box]Basic itemsOther than basic items
OFFSettings of [Scanner Settings]Settings of the advanced settings dialog box of the scanner driver
ONSettings of the advanced settings dialog box of the scanner driver


Operation in Continuous Scanning Screen

If a document is scanned with either Scan First or Select Scan Job when [Enable continuous scanning] is set to [ON] in the Start screen, the continuous scanning screen appears when all of the pages of the placed document have been fed. You can confirm the scanned images and then continue scanning.

  1. Thumbnail Display Area
    Displays the thumbnail images of the scanned document. The following operations are possible.
    Click a thumbnail image to display a preview of that scanned image in the preview area.
    Drag thumbnail images to change the positions of pages.
    Click   on a thumbnail image to delete the scanned image for that page.
  2. Preview Area
    Displays the preview images of the scanned document.
  3. Preview Controls
    Control the preview images and cancel or continue scanning with the following buttons.

    (Zoom in)

    Enlarges the preview image.
      (Fit page)Enlarges or reduces the preview image to fit the current window size.
      (Zoom out)Reduces the preview image
      (Rotate left)Rotates the image 90 degrees counterclockwise. (Scan First only)
      (Rotate right)Rotates the image 90 degrees clockwise. (Scan First only)
      (Rotate 180)Rotates the image 180 degrees. (Scan First only)
      (Cancel)Cancels the image scanning operation and returns to the top screen.
      (Scan)Starts scanning of the next document.
      (Next step)Proceeds to the next step in the scan process.
      (Page Number / Total Number of Pages)Displays the current page and total number of pages.

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