Confirm the correct network name is selected

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During wireless LAN setup, it is important to select the correct network name (also known as SSID)



During wireless LAN installation, nearby acces points (or wireless routers) will be detected. It is important that your printer and computer connect to the same network.

Below is a list of wireless printers grouped by operating system (OS). Based on the operating system environment that you will be installing the software, click on your model under that OS.


Windows Macintosh 
MG3120 MG3120
MG4120 MG4120
MG5220 MG5220 
MG5320 MG5320 
MG6120 MG6120 
MG6220 MG6220 
MG8120 / MG8120B MG8120 / MG8120B
MG8220 MG8220 
MP495 / MP499 MP495 / MP499 
MP560 MP560 
MP620 / MP620B MP620 / MP620B 
MP640 / MP640R MP640 / MP640R 
MP980 MP980 
MP990 MP990 
MX340 MX340 
MX350 MX350 
MX410 MX410 
MX420  MX420
MX870  MX870 
MX882  MX882
 MX892  MX892

Canon PIXMA Troubleshooting - SSID (VIDEO)


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