Using the shortcut keys (MF8080/MF8380)

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Using the shortcut keys


Using the shorcut keys

The machine is equipped with three types of shortcut keys on the operation panel.

Using these keys will boost your efficiency and productivity.

  • [Scan > PC1] key/[Scan > PC2] key
  • [Paper Save Copy] key
  • [Secure Print] key (MF8380Cdw only)
[Scan > PC1] key/[Scan > PC2] key

Register destinations and frequently used settings in shortcut keys in advance, to perform a scan easily without needing to manually enter a destination and specify required settings.

Registering a Shortcut Key/Confirming the Destination Registered in the Shortcut Key

1. Press [ ] (Menu).

2. Select <Scan Settings> using [ ] or [ ] and press [OK].


3. Select <Shortcut Key Settings> using [ ] or [ ] and press [OK].


To store a new shortcut:

(1) Select <Register> using [ ] or [ ] and press [OK].


(2) Select the shortcut key that you want to register using [ ] or [ ] and press [OK].

(3) Select the connection method, using [ ] or [ ] and press [OK].


(4) Select the destination using [ ] or [ ] and press [OK].

  • When one computer is connected to the machine via a USB cable:

This screen is not displayed.

  • When more than ten computers are connected to the machine simultaneously:

Up to 10 computers can be displayed as a list of computers connected to the machine. (Scanning cannot be performed otherwise. Reduce the number of computers connected to the machine over the network.)

(5) Specify the scan settings using [ ] or [ ] and press [OK].


The scanner settings are specified by default as follows.

Scan ModeResolutionFile TypePDF Settings
Color ScanColor300 dpiPDFSearchable/Compact
B&W ScanBlack and White300 dpiTIFF-
Custom 1Color300 dpiJPEG/Exif-
Custom 2Color300 dpiPDFSearchable/Standard

To confirm the destination registered in the shortcut key:

(1) Select <Confirm Destination> using [ ] or [ ] and press [OK].


(2) Select the destination that you want to confirm using [ ] or [ ] and press [OK].


4. Press [ ](Menu) to close the menu screen.

Performing a Scan Using a Shortcut Key

1. Place your document.

2. Press [ ] (Scan > PC1 or Scan > PC2) into which the destination that you want to select is registered.

Scanning starts.

  • When scanning cannot be performed

You cannot perform a scan while the MF Toolbox setup screen is displayed.

Click [ ] to close the screen before starting a scan.


  • When scanning is complete

The scans are saved in the appropriate folder.

  • When additional pages can be scanned on the platen glass

Proceed to step 3..

3. To scan the next page, select <Scan Next Original> using [ ] or [ ] and press [OK].


To cancel scanning

(1) Select <Cancel> using [ ] or [ ] and press [OK].

(2) Select <Yes> using [ ] or [ ] and press [OK].

To check the destination

Select <Confirm Destination> using[ ] or [ ] and press [OK].

4. Select <Store and Finish> using [ ] or [ ] and press [OK].


The scans are saved in the appropriate folder.

  • The default save location:

Once scanning is complete, a folder is automatically displayed to which the scanned images are saved. By default, a folder bearing the scanning date is created inside the [Pictures] (or [My Pictures]) folder in [My Documents].

  • To change the scanner settings:

You can re-specify the save location, file format, resolution, and other settings from a computer.

[Paper Save Copy] key

Press [ ] (Paper Save Copy) to save paper when making a copy.

Choose one of the following four combinations of 2 on 1/4 on 1 and 2-Sided copy settings, as shown in the table below.

N on 12-Sided

Select LayoutFormat SettingsOriginal OrientationOriginal Format
2 on 1 1m²2-Sided
(MF8380Cdw only)
1m²2-SideddPortraitBook Type
4 on 1 1m²2-Sided
(MF8380Cdw only)
1m²2-SidedPortraitBook Type
2 on 1 1-Sidedm²1-SidedOFF
4 on 1 1-Sidedm²1-SidedOFF
  • Precautions on 2-Sided Copying

Do not touch your document when making 2-sided copying until the process is complete. After copying on the front side is complete, the document is partially output, reserved, and fed into the machine again for copying on the back side.

1. Place your document.

2. Press [ ] (Paper Save Copy).

3. Select the combination that you want to use using [ ] or [ ] and press [OK].


4. Select the document size using [ ] or [ ] and press [OK].


5. Press [ ] (Color) or [ ] (B&W).

When the document is placed on the platen glass

(1) Place the next page and press [ ] (Color) or [ ] (B&W).

* Repeat this step until all pages are scanned.


(2) Select <Start Copying> using [ ] or [ ] and press [OK].

[Secure Print] key (MF8380Cdw only)

Use this shortcut key for printing.

Press to print a document secured with a PIN (Secure Printing).



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