Changing the Print Settings on MX410

Article ID: ART114154 | Date published: 05/11/2015 | Date last updated: 08/17/2015


Change settings to print faxes


This machine prints received faxes to paper loaded in the machine beforehand. You can use the Operation Panel to change the paper settings for printing faxes. Make sure that the settings are appropriate for the loaded paper.

  • If paper other than A4, Letter-, Legal-, or 8.5 x 14 inches sized paper is loaded, the received faxes are stored in machine's memory and Change the paper A4/LTR/Legal Plain paper is displayed on the LCD. In this case, replace the loaded paper with A4, Letter-, Legal-, or 8.5 x 14 inches sized paper, then press the OK button.

    You can also press the Stop button to close the message and print the stored documents in machine's memory later.

    Deleting a Document in Machine's Memory

  • If the sender sends a document that is larger than Letter-size or Legal-size, such as 11 x 17 inches, the sender's machine may send the fax automatically reduced in size or divided, or send only a part of the original.

    1. Make sure that the machine is turned on.

    2. Press the FAX button.

      The Fax standby screen is displayed.

    3. Press the Settings button.

    4. Use the LEFTRIGHT button to select A4, Letter, LTR, or Legal, then press the OK button.

      • The * (asterisk) on the LCD indicates the current setting.

      • Some of page sizes are not available depending on the country or region of purchase.

    5. Make sure that Plain paper is selected, then press the OK button.

      • If any media type other than Plain paper is selected, select Plain paper using the LEFTRIGHT button, then press the OK button.

      The LCD returns to the Fax standby screen.

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