Align the Print Head on a PIXMA MG3120, MG3122

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If printed colors are slightly off or printed text is misaligned, you can align the print head.


You can adjust the print head position right from the printer's operation panel. To do this, you need to first print, then scan the alignment sheet.

Before you begin

  • If the remaining ink level is low, the alignment sheet may not print correctly. Replace the ink cartridge.

  • Prepare a sheet of A4 or Letter-sized plain paper (including recycled paper) that is white and clean on both sides.

Print the alignment sheet

  1. Turn the printer ON.

  2. Load the sheet of paper in the front tray.

  3. Open the output tray extension and the paper output tray, then extend the paper output support.

  4. Repeatedly press the Maintenance Maintenance icon  button on the printer panel until the u (lowercase "u") figure:LED looks like lowercase U displays.

  5. ​Press the Color or Black button. The print head alignment sheet prints.
    Caution Don't touch any printed part on the print head alignment sheet. If the sheet is stained or wrinkled, it may not scan properly.

    Sample print head alignment sheet

Scan the alignment sheet

  1. Place the alignment sheet on the glass surface with the print side facing down.

  2. Align the triangle mark Triangle mark on sheet corner on the upper-left corner of the sheet with the alignment mark alignment mark on scanner on the scanner.

    Figure shows print head sheet lined up correctly on glass surface.

  3. Gently close the document cover. Make sure the U (uppercase "U") figure:LED looks like upercase U displays, then press the Color or Black button.

  4. The machine scans the print head alignment sheet, and the print head position automatically adjusts. When the adjustment completes, remove the sheet from the glass.
    Caution Don't open the document cover or move the sheet until the adjustment completes.
    Note If the adjustment fails, an error code displays on the LED. Press the Stop / Reset button to clear the error, then take appropriate action

Additional steps (if needed)

If the print results aren't better after adjusting the print head position from the printer panel, you can adjust the print head position manually from your computer.

Note To print and check the current head position adjustment values, display L on the LED, then press the Color or Black button.
Note If adjusting the print head alignment from a computer doesn't improve print results, you may need to clean the encoder film.


MG3120 Print Head Alignment Sheet.pdf
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