Canon Print Plugin for Kindle Fire

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Canon Print Plugin for Kindle Fire 


Canon Print Plugin for Kindle Fire

Supported Printers

imageCLASS Single Function Printers:

LBP6650dn LBP6670dn LBP6780dn
LBP7110Cw LBP7660Cdn LBP7780Cdn

imageCLASS Multifunction Printers:

MF Series D Series


MF4770n MF4880dw MF4890dw   D1120 D1320
MF4570dn MF4570dw     D1150 D1350
MF8080Cw MF8380Cdw     D1170 D1370
MF8280Cw MF8580Cdw     D1180  

HOW TO GET Canon Print Plugin
- Download and install from Amazon Market (Amazon Appstore)
- Once the Print Plugin is installed, when attempting to print from a supported app, compatible Canon printers that are detected on the network will be visible to select from.

Supported Apps
Software that is pre-installed on the Kindle and has printing capabilities (ex. - OfficeSuite).
Supported Connection Interface
Wireless LAN
Note: The tablet and the printer can be connected in the AP (Access Point) mode.
The printer and the access point can be connected via wired LAN.


HOW TO USE Canon Print Plugin
1. Start the supported application software and select Print from the menu. Canon Print Plugin will start.
2. A list of compatible printers that are detected on your network will may be displayed.  Select your printer to continue.
3. If the License Agreement is displayed, you will need to select Agree in order to continue.
4. The print settings screen will be displayed. Set the number of copies and paper size, and select Print. Printing will start.
    Note:  Some options may be found in a sub-menu (ex. - More options)
Canon Print Plugin, print settings screen:



Selectable values


1, More

Paper size


Paper type

Auto Only 

Bordered / Borderless




Color mode



- In step 3 to use Canon Print Plug-in, if Do not agree is selected for the License Agreement, you can select Agree in the following way in order to use the Canon Print Plugin:
(1) Start Canon Print Plugin (by tapping the Canon Print Plugin icon).

(2) The Splash screen will appear. Tap License Agreement at the bottom of the screen, and select Agree. (If Do not agree is selected, the license is not given, thus printing cannot be performed.)


- If the printer status is “blocked,” an error may have occurred in the printer (“no paper,” “cover opened,” etc.). Check the printer and correct the conditions to eliminate the error, then resume printing.

- If printing is cancelled on the printer itself, the Canon Print Plugin does not reflect this situation.  Instead, it will simply indicate that printing is completed

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