Printed colors are inaccurate (iPF6400S)

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Printed colors are inaccurate (iPF6400S)


CauseCorrective Action
Color adjustment has not been activated in the Advanced Settings of the printer driver.In the Advanced Settings of the printer driver, access Color Settings in Color Mode to adjust colors.
Colors have not been adjusted on the computer or monitor.Refer to the computer and monitor documentation to adjust the colors.
Adjust the settings of the color management software, referring to the software documentation as needed.
The Printhead nozzles are clogged.Print a test pattern to check the nozzles and see if they are clogged.
(See " Checking for Nozzle Clogging (iPF6400S/iPF8400S) ")
In the Windows printer driver, Application Color Matching Priority is not selected.Click Special Settings on the Layout sheet of the printer driver and select Application Color Matching Priority in the dialog box.
There may be a slight difference in how colors are printed after Printhead replacement because of individual variation among printheads.Execute color calibration.
(See " Color Calibration Using the Printer Sensor (iPF6400S/iPF8400S) ")
Printhead characteristics gradually change through repeated use, and colors may change.Execute color calibration.
(See " Color Calibration Using the Printer Sensor (iPF6400S/iPF8400S) ")
Color may change slightly even on the same model of printer if you use a different version of the firmware or printer driver, or when you print under different settings or in a different printing environment.Follow these steps to prepare the printing environment.
1. Use the same version of firmware or printer driver.
2. Specify the same value for all settings items.
3. Execute color calibration.
(See " Color Calibration Using the Printer Sensor (iPF6400S/iPF8400S) ")



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