Approximate recording times (VIXIA mini X / LEGRIA mini X)

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Approximate recording times (VIXIA mini X / LEGRIA mini X)


  • See below for approximate recording times.
Memory cardVideo quality (Resolution)
24 Mbps
17 Mbps
4 Mbps*
8 GB40 min.1 hr.4 hr. 20 min.
16 GB1 hr. 25 min.2 hr. 5 min.8 hr. 40 min.
32 GB2 hr. 55 min.4 hr. 10 min.17 hr. 20 min.
64 GB5 hr. 55 min.8 hr. 20 min.34 hr. 45 min.
* For MP4 movies only.

A single scene can be recorded continuously for 12 hours; at that point, the camcorder will stop for about 3 seconds. After that, recording will continue as a separate scene.

  • Approximate number of photos available on a 4 GB memory card
The numbers given in the following table are approximate and vary according to recording conditions and the subject.
Photo sizeNumber of photos

  • Bit rate (measured in Mbps) indicates how much information is recorded in 1 second of video and therefore affects also the recording time available on the memory card.
  • Depending on the device used, you may not be able to play back your recordings on other devices.
  • When scenes recorded at 24 Mbps are played back on other devices, audio will be output only if the device is compatible with LPCM audio.
  • The camcorder uses a variable bit rate (VBR) to encode video so the actual recording times will vary depending on the content of the scenes.
  • The following types of MP4 scenes will be recognized as multiple files on other devices.
- Scenes exceeding 4 GB.
- Scenes exceeding 1 hour.



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