Changing the Recording Programs according to the situation, such as in dark surroundings (VIXIA mini X / LEGRIA mini X)

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Changing the Recording Programs according to the situation, such as in dark surroundings (VIXIA mini X / LEGRIA mini X)


The camcorder features a number of shooting modes that offer the most appropriate settings for a variety of special scenes.

1. Set the power switch to ON to turn on the camcorder.

2. Touch the shooting mode button on the top left corner of the screen.
*The button will show the icon of the shooting mode currently selected. ([AUTO] is set in the image below.)

3. Drag your finger up/down to bring the desired scene mode to the center, and then touch [OK].

Shooting Modes ( Default value; SCN - special scene shooting mode)

Shooting ModeDetails

Let the camcorder take care of most of the settings while you concentrate on recording Great for beginners or if you just prefer not to er with detailed camcorder settings.

Sports (SCN)
To record scenes with lots of movement, such as sport events and dance scenes.

Beach (SCN)
To record on a sunny beach without the subject being underexposed.

To record in a car without the subject being underexposed.

Macro (SCN)
The camcorder can focus at a shorter distance, allowing you to get closer shots of flowers or insects. When the field of view is ultra wide, subjects will also stand out more because of the fisheye effect of the ultra wide angle lens.

Food and Fashion (SCN)
To record fashion or food related scenes with vivid colors.

Night Scene (SCN)
To record nightscapes with lower noise.

Snow (SCN)
To record in bright ski resorts without the subject being underexposed.

Programmed AE
The camcorder automatically sets the shutter speed and aperture but you have the option to adjust the white balance and exposure, and change the frame rate

4. The [Special Scene mode] you selected will be displayed.

  • In [Macro] mode, the camcorder can focus on a subject as close as 21 cm (8.3 in.).
  • [Sports]/[Beach]/[Snow]: The picture may not appear smooth during playback.
  • [Beach]/[Snow]: The subject may become overexposed on cloudy days or in shaded places. Check the image on the screen.
  • 'AE' stand for Auto Expoure (exposure will be determined automatically by the camera).



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