Dividing Scenes (VIXIA mini X / LEGRIA mini X)

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Dividing Scenes (VIXIA mini X / LEGRIA mini X)


You can divide AVCHD scenes in order to leave out the best parts and later cut out the rest.

1. Turn on the camcorder.

2. Press and hold the <> button to set the camcorder to Playback mode.

3. Touch the desired scene to play it back.

4. Touch the screen to display the playback controls, and then touch [ ] to pause the playback.

5. Touch [Edit]

6. Touch [Divide].

7. Touching [ ] will begin playback. Touching it again will pause playback

 During Playback pause  /  Frame advance / Frame reverse*
 During Playback  /  Fast playback / Fast reverse playback
*When advancing/reversing frames while dividing the scenes, the interval between frames is about 0.5 seconds.

8. Pause playback at the position you want to divide.

9. Touch [Divide].

10. Touch [Yes].

The video from the division point to the end of the scene will appear as a new scene in the index screen.

  • If the scene cannot be divided at the point where you paused the playback, advance/reverse a frame and then divide the scene.
  • During the playback of a scene that was divided, you may notice some anomalies in the picture/sound at the point where the scene was cut.
  • In some cases, dividing scenes may not be possible.
- Scenes that are too short (less than 3 seconds) cannot be divided.
- Scenes cannot be divided within 1 second from the beginning or the end of the scene.



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