Shooting in Hybrid Auto Mode (PowerShot SX700 HS)

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Shooting in Hybrid Auto Mode (PowerShot SX700 HS)


You can make a short movie of the day just by shooting still images. The camera records 2 4-second clips of scenes before each shot, which are later combined in a digest movie.
The procedure for shooting in Hybrid Auto Mode is explained below.

1. Turn the camera on.

2. Set the mode dial to <>.

3. Compose the shot.
  • To zoom in and enlarge the subject, move the zoom lever toward <> (telephoto), and to zoom away from the subject, move it toward <> (wide angle). (A zoom bar showing the zoom position is displayed.)

4. Focus.
  • Press the shutter button halfway. The camera beeps twice after focusing, and AF frames are displayed to indicate image areas in focus.
  • Several AF frames are displayed when multiple areas are in focus.

5. Press the shutter button all the way down to shoot.
  • As the camera shoots, a shutter sound is played, and in low-light conditions when you have raised the flash, it fires automatically.
  • After displaying your shot, the camera will revert to the shooting screen.
  • The camera records a still image and movie clip. The clip, which ends with the still image and a shutter sound, forms a single chapter in the digest movie.

  • Battery life is shorter in this mode than in [ ] mode, because digest movies are recorded for each shot.
  • A digest movie may not be recorded if you shoot a still image immediately after turning the camera on, choosing [ ] mode, or operating the camera in other ways.
  • Sounds and vibration caused by camera operation will be recorded in digest movies.
  • Keep the camera still until the shutter sound ends.
  • Digest movie quality is [ ] and cannot be changed.
  • Sounds are not played when you press the shutter button halfway or trigger the self-timer.
  • Digest movies are saved as separate movie files in the following cases even if they were recorded on the same day in < > mode.
- The digest movie file size reaches approximately 4 GB, or the total recording time reaches approximately 13 minutes and 20 seconds.
- The digest movie is protected.
- Daylight saving time or time zone settings are changed.
- A new folder is created.
  • Recorded shutter sounds cannot be modified or erased.
  • If you prefer to record digest movies without still images, adjust the setting in advance. Choose <MENU> > [ ] tab > [Digest Type] > [No Stills].
  • Individual chapters can be edited.



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