Information regarding firmware version for the VIXIA HF R40/R42

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Information regarding firmware version for the VIXIA HF R40/R42


Firmware Version incorporates the following improvements.

A remote viewing function has been added when using the CameraAccess plus smartphone app, with the optional CT-V1 Camera Pan Table.

*note: The CameraAccess plus app is available free of charge from the Apple App Store and Google Play. Information on how to use the remote viewing function is available from the PIXELA Web site.

Firmware Version is for camcorders that currently have firmware Version If the camcorder's firmware is already Version, it is not necessary to update the firmware.
Once you have updated your camcorder’s firmware, it cannot be downgraded to a previous version. 

Q&A Section:
Preparations for the firmware update:
After the firmware update has been performed, the camcorder’s settings will be reset. It is recommended that users make a note of the settings they use and then set these preferences again once the update has been completed. For details on how to change the camcorder’s settings, please refer to the instruction manual (PDF).

The downloaded firmware folder contains the firmware (File Name: xxxx.FIM, File Size: xxxx bytes) , a procedure manual for updating the firmware (PDF file, five languages: Japanese, English, French, Spanish and Simplified Chinese), and an excerpt taken from the Instruction Manual with the explanations of the new/changed functions.
-Check the firmware update procedure manual carefully before starting update operations.
-The file name of the Instruction Manual differs depending on the camcorder’s model. Refer to the following for which file to view.
iVIS HF R42? HFR42_IM_DOM_JP.pdf?
English: HFR46_HFR47_HFR48_IM_P_EN.pdf
???????         French/German/Italian/Russian: HFR46_HFR47_HFR48_IM_P_FDIR.pdf
????????????? Simplified Chinese: HFR46_HFR48_IM_P_ZH.pdf

The following items are required to perform this firmware update:
1. An iVIS HF R42, VIXIA HF R42/HF R40, LEGRIA HF R48/HF R47/HF R46 camcorder
2. A computer (OS: Windows or Mac OS X)
OS: Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7 SP1
Or Mac OS X (v10.7 to v10.9)
3. A 32 MB or higher-capacity SD memory card or a SDHC/SDXC memory card (commercially available)
4. A SD card reader-writer (commercially available) or a SD card slot on the computer. If using a SDXC memory card, this will only work with a device that is compatible with the SDXC standard.
5. A fully-charged, dedicated battery pack for the camcorder.
6. The firmware (the file downloaded from the Canon Web site)

Q: What are the changes in Firmware Version
Support has been added for the CameraAccess plus app that enables the use of the optional CT-V1 Camera Pan Table and remote viewing using the camcorder.
This will enable live streaming for monitoring from home and monitoring while out.

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