Names and Dimensions of Each Part (LBP7110Cw)

Article ID: ART115191 | Date published: 05/11/2015 | Date last updated: 08/15/2015



Part Name

Front View


(1)Output Tray(4)Control Panel(6)Power Switch
(2)Lift Handle(5)Front Cover(7)Paper Drawer
(3)Drawer Top Cover

Rear View


(1)Ventilation Slot(4)LNK Indicator (Green)(7)Rating Label
(2)ACT Indicator (Yellow)(5)USB Connector(8)Rear Cover
(3)LAN Connector(6)Lift Handle(9)Power Socket

Interior View

(1)Y (Yellow) Toner Cartridge Slot(4)K (Black) Toner Cartridge Slot
(2)M (Magenta) Toner Cartridge Slot(5)Toner Cartridge Tray
(3)C (Cyan) Toner Cartridge Slot

Paper Drawer

(1)Paper Guide(2)Lock Release Lever

Dimensions of Each Part


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