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Adding a Date Stamp when Shooting


The camera can add the shooting date to images, in the lower-right corner.

  • Note that date stamps cannot be edited or removed, so confirm beforehand that the date and time are correct.
  • For setting or changing the date and time, refer to Setting or Changing the Date and Time.
  • Date stamps cannot be added when the image type is set to [ ], or [ ]. ([Date Stamp] is set to [OFF] in these modes.)
  • The position and shape of the operation buttons, screens displayed, and setting items may differ according to the model you use. In this example, the procedure is shown on a PowerShot S200 set to the [Program AE] () shooting mode.
  • In some shooting modes it may not be possible to configure the [Date Stamp] setting.
For a list of shooting modes in which the [Date Stamp] setting can be configured, please refer to the table below.

The procedure for adding a date stamp to images during shooting is explained below.

1. Press the <Power> button to turn the camera on.

2. Press the <MENU> button.

3. Press the Right button or the Left button to select the [ ] tab.
Press the Up button of the Down button to select [Date Stamp].
: Left button : Right button : Up button : Down button

4. Press the Left button or the Right button to choose [Date] or [Date & Time].
Press the <MENU> button when finished.

4. When [Date Stamp] is set to [Date] or [Date & Time], [ ] is displayed on the LCD monitor.

5. The [Date Stamp] will be added to the images as shown below:
[Date & Time]

It is not possible to edit the displayed date, color, style, or position of date stamps.

  • Shooting modes in which the [Date Stamp] setting can be configured:
...[Date Stamp] can be added
...Shooting mode not available
ModelsShooting Modes
PowerShot G16* - - -
PowerShot S120* - - -
PowerShot S200 -- - -
PowerShot SX510 HS - -- -
PowerShot SX170 IS - -- -
*In C, C1, and C2 mode, [Date Stamp] setting availability varies depending on the assigned shooting mode.



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