Functions that Can Be Set When Shooting Movies with EOS 5D Mark III

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Functions that Can Be Set When Shooting Movies with EOS 5D Mark III


List of Available Functions When Shooting Movies

The following table indicates a list of functions that can be set when shooting movies.
Function /
Movie rec. size19201080
AFLive Mode, Face Detection Live Mode, Quick Mode(*)
Manual focusing (MF)
Metering modeShutter speed
AE lock- -
Exposure compensation- -
ISO speedAutomatically set/Auto ISO
Picture Style
White balance
Auto Lighting Optimizer
Peripheral illumination correction
Highlight tone priority
Sound Recording/Sound-Recording Level, Wind Filter
Silent Control
Time Code

Set automatically
User selectable
- Not selectable/Disabled
During movie shooting, continuous focusing of a moving subject is not possible.

Using Manual Exposure

When the shooting mode is <M>, you can manually set the ISO speed, shutter speed, and aperture for movie shooting.
Using manual exposure to shoot movies is for advanced users.
For more information about movie shooting, please refer to the Related Information section.
Shutter speedTurn the <Main Dial>. The settable shutter speeds depend on the frame rate.
, , :1/4000 sec. - 1/30 sec.
, :1/4000 sec. - 1/60 sec.
ApertureTurn the <Quick Control Dial>.
ISO speedPress the <ISO> button. The ISO speed setting screen will appear on the LCD monitor. Turn the <Main Dial> to set the ISO speed.
Manual setting range : [AUTO] or 100-12800*
Auto ISO range : [AUTO](Set automatically within ISO 100-12800.)
*Under [ [ 2: ISO speed settings ], if you set [ISO speed range]s [Maximum] setting to [25600/H], the maximum ISO speed for manual ISO speed setting will be expanded to H(equivalent to 25600). Be aware that when you set [Maximum] to [25600], the maximum ISO speed will not be expanded and remains ISO 12800.

  • If <AWB> is set and the ISO speed or aperture changes during movie shooting, the white balance may also change.
  • If you shoot a movie under fluorescent or LED lighting, the movie may flicker.
  • If [ : Highlight tone priority] is set to [Enable], the ISO speed will be ISO 200 - 12800.
  • When shooting a movie of a moving subject, a shutter speed of 1/30 sec. to 1/125 sec. is recommended. The faster the shutter speed, the less smooth the subjects movement will look.
  • Changing the shutter speed or aperture during movie shooting is not recommended since the changes in the exposure will be recorded.

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