Basic Procedures for Sending Faxes (MF6160dw/MF6180dw)

Article ID: ART115519 | Date published: 05/11/2015 | Date last updated: 08/15/2015



1. Place your fax.

2. Press [].

3. Specify the scanning settings as needed.

The settings specified here are effective only for the current sending operation.

4. Specify the destination.

Specify destinations in the following ways.

  • by entering the fax number
  • by selecting a one-touch key
  • by selecting a coded dial code
  • by selecting a group address
  • from the Address book
  • in an LDAP server
  • under sequential broadcasting

When the destination confirmation screen is displayed:
After confirming details of the destination, press [OK] to proceed to the next step.

If <One-Touch/Coded Dial TX Confirmation> is set to <On> and the destination is specified by One-Touch keys or Coded dialing codes, the screen is displayed.

5. Press [] (Start).

When your fax is placed in the feeder
The scan starts. Your fax is sent to the destination when the scan is complete.

When your fax is placed on the platen glass
Perform the following procedure.

(1) Select the size of the original document using [] or [] and press [OK].
(2) Place the next page on the platen glass and press [] (Start). Press [] (Start) for each page.
(3) When all documents are scanned completely, select <Start Sending> using [] or [] and press [OK]. Your fax is sent to your fax destination.


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