Sending a Fax Abroad (Adding Pauses) (MF6160dw/MF6180dw)

Article ID: ART115520 | Date published: 05/11/2015 | Date last updated: 08/15/2015



When making an overseas call, you may need to add a pause to the fax number.

Since signals are transmitted over long distances across a complicated channel, your call may not be connected without adding a pause after the country code or in front of the fax number. By adding a pause, enough time elapses before the machine starts dialing the number again.

1. Place your fax.

2. Press [].

3. Specify the scanning settings as needed.

4. Enter the international access code using the numeric keys.

For more information on international access codes, contact your telephone company.

5. Press [] (Pause) to enter a pause as needed.

  • The letter <p> is displayed to indicate that a pause is added.
  • The default pause length is two seconds*.
  • To add more pauses into the dialing sequence, press [] (Pause) again.
*The default pause length varies depending on the country where you are using the machine.

6. Enter the country code, the area code, and the fax/telephone number using the numeric keys.

7. Press [] (Pause) to add a pause to the end of the fax/telephone number as needed.

  • The letter <P> is displayed at the end of the fax number.
  • A pause added to the end of the number is set to 10 seconds.

8. Press [] (Start).


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