Uploading Recordings to YouTube and Facebook Using an iOS Device (VIXIA mini/mini X, LEGRIA mini/mini X)

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Uploading Recordings to YouTube and Facebook Using an iOS Device (VIXIA mini/mini X, LEGRIA mini/mini X)


Using the Movie Uploader app*, you can play back and save your movies and photos on an iOS device. You can also upload your movies to YouTube and Facebook even when you are away from your home network.
You can also play back or save MP4 movies and photos on the iOS device.

*1 The Movie Uploader app, provided by PIXELA, is available for free from the App Store.
App Store: http://itunes.com/apps/movieuploader

The position and shape of the operation buttons, screens displayed, and setting items may differ according to the model you use.

1. Press the <> button to set the camcorder to <Playback> mode.

2. Touch [ ].

3. Drag your finger left/right to bring the [Wi-Fi] menu to the center, and then touch the icon to open it.

4. Drag your finger up/down to bring the [Movie Uploader] to the center, and then touch [OK].

  • The camcorders SSID (network name) and password will appear.
  • The camcorder will be ready to connect with the iOS device.

5. iOS device: Touch [Settings] > [Wi-Fi] and then turn Wi-Fi on.

6. iOS device: The camcorders network name (SSID) should appear in the list of networks/access points detected by the device. Select the network name that appears on the camcorders screen

7. iOS device: Enter the password that appears on the camcorders screen.

8. When the Wi-Fi connection is correctly established, [Connected] will appear on the camcorder's screen.

As long as you do not reset the camcorders Wi-Fi password, you only need to enter the password the first time you connect the device.

9. iOS device: Open the Movie Uploader app.

10. iOS device: Use the Movie Uploader app to upload the camcorders movies.

11. When you have finished:
Camcorder: Touch [End] > [OK] to end the wireless connection and turn off the camcorder.

  • Depending on factors such as the wireless network conditions, it can take some time to upload video files.
  • The procedure above may differ depending on the version of iOS you are using.
  • For details about the Movie Uploader app, visit PIXELAs Web site.
  • Long scenes, whose video data exceeds 4 GB, will be recognized as multiple files on other devices.



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