Image quality (Recording mode) and recording time (XF305/XF300)

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Image quality (Recording mode) and recording time (XF305/XF300)


Recording Time

Maximum video recording times are as follows.
Memory (CF Card) Bit Rate
50Mbps CBR35Mbps VBR25Mbps CBR
2GB5 min.5 min.10 min.
4GB10 min.10 min.20 min.
8GB20 min.25 min.40 min.
16GB40 min.55 min.80 min.
32GB80 min.110 min.155 min.
64GB160 min.225 min.310 min.

Approximate figures based on continuous recording.

Checking the Available Recording Time

When the camcorder is in <CAMERA> mode, the screen indicates which CF card slot is in use and the available recording time (in minutes*) that remains on each CF card.
* The approximate available recording time is based on the current bit rate.

When the camcorder is in <MEDIA> mode, the side panel indicates the available recording time.

On the [Media] status screen, you can check the available recording time, total space and used space of each recording media, and the available number of photos.
Follow the procedures below to display the [Media] Status Screen.

Press the <STATUS> button.
Push the joystick up/down or use the <SELECT> dial to scroll through the status screens.



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