Connecting the imageCLASS D300 series as a Shared Printer (windows 7/8)

Article ID: ART115827 | Date published: 05/12/2015 | Date last updated: 08/15/2015


For Windows 7

Enable File and Printer Sharing.

1. Click the Start Button.

2. Click Control Panel, then click Network and Sharing Center.

3. Click Advanced sharing settings on the left side.

4. Click the   symbol next to the "(Current Profile)"

5. Select Turn on file and printer sharing, then click Save Changes at the bottom.


Sharing the printer

1. Click Start, then click Devices and Printers.

2. Right-click the D320 or D340 and click Printer Properties.

3. Click the Sharing tab at the top.

4. Select Share this printer, then click Apply and OK.

For Windows 8/8.1

1. Move the mouse to the lower right of the screen and click search when it appears.

2. Type in "Devices and Printers", then click on Devices and Printers.

3. Right-click the D320/D340 icon and select Printer Properties.

4. Click the sharing tab at the top.

5. Select Share this printer, then click Apply and OK.

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