Using the IJ Network Tool to Reconfigure the Printer's Network Settings after AP / Router Change (Mac)
Article ID: ART115899 | Date published: 05/12/2015 | Date last updated: 05/27/2021


Learn how to use the IJ Network Tool to send network settings to a USB connected printer on a Mac.


The IJ Network Tool can be used to reconfigure the network settings of your printer.  This can be very helpful after the network has been changed (new access point / router, different network key / password on the access point, or a different SSID being given to the access point).

 A USB cable is required.  Connect the printer to the computer with a USB cable before starting.

 If you don't have the IJ Network Tool on your Mac, you can download and install it from our website.

In Finder, click Go and Applications.  Then, open the Canon Utilities folder.  Open the Canon IJ Network Tool folder.  Double-click on the Canon IJ Network Tool.

  1. Select Use the printer on the network, then click OK.

    Select Use the printer on the network and click OK (outlined in red)

     If the following image appears, connect the printer and computer with a USB cable and click on the OK button.

    Connect the printer to the computer with a USB cable and click OK (outlined in red)

  2. Click on the printer you want to configure and then click OK.  The computer will communicate with the printer via USB.

    Select the printer and click OK (outlined in red)

    The printer will search for wireless routers 

  3. At the Confirm Connection Wireless Router window, confirm that your network name is displayed and click Yes.

    Confirm that your router appears in this window, then click Yes (Outlined in red)

  4. When asked to allow access to the network key stored in the keychain, click Allow.  Enter the user account name and / or password for the computer if prompted.

    Click Allow to proceed

  5. The computer will send the network information to the printer via USB.

    It will then attempt to locate the printer on the network.

    The computer is searching for printers via your wireless network

    Once found, the Setup Completion window will appear. Follow the instructions in the window and then click OK.

    Disconnect the USB cable and click OK (outlined in red)

  6. The Add window will appear. Wait for the Canon IJ Network listing for your printer to appear. Select it and make sure that the Use field at the bottom indicates Canon xxxx Series. Then click Add.

    Select the Canon IJ Network listing for the printer, make sure it shows in the Use: menu and click Add (outlined in red)

     You may receive a prompt similar to this:

    Click Continue (outlined in red) to proceed

    If so, go into System Preferences and Print and Fax / Print and Scan / Printers and Scanners and remove the USB listing for your printer. It will show as being offline.

    Select the offline listing and click the - button (red arrow points to it)

    If you don't remove it, you may receive an error message telling you that your printer is offline when you attempt to print.

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