Displaying High-Definition Video as Standard Definition Video (XF200 / XF205)

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Displaying High-Definition Video as Standard Definition Video (XF200 / XF205)



When HD video with a 16:9 aspect ratio is converted and output from the MON. terminal*, HDMI OUT terminal or AV OUT terminal as SD video with a 4:3 aspect ratio, you can choose how it appears on the external monitor.
* only.
Original image (16:9) [Letterbox] setting [Squeeze] setting [Side Crop] setting
The 16:9 aspect ratio is maintained but black letterbox bars are added to the top and bottom of the image. The image is squeezed from the left and right so that the entire image fits within the screen. The image willappear normal if the external monitor also has a 16:9 aspect ratio. The left and right sides of the image are cropped so that the central part of the image fits within the screen.


Selecting the SD Output Display Format


1. Hold down the button on the <POWER> switch and slide the switch to <CAMERA>.



2. Press the <MENU> button. Press the <SET> button as necessary.



: Joystick
: In the following procedures, 'Press <SET>' refers to the action of pressing the joystick straight down to select the desired setting.



3. Select [ Video Setup] -> [HD/SD Output] -> [Resize SD Output].



4. Select the desired option ([Letterbox], [Squeeze], or [Side Crop]) and then press <SET> .




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