Set Network Settings on a Mac to Scan from a PIXMA MG Series Printer

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Learn how to set the Network Settings in the IJ Scan Utility on a Mac, to enable scans from the printer panel.


You can share your Wi-Fi® connected scanner among multiple computers. Each time you switch computers, you will need to set the scan settings in the IJ Scan Utility.

Set scan settings from your computer

Here's how to set the IJ Scan Utility settings from your Mac® computer.
  1. Start IJ Scan Utility.

  2. ​For the Product Name, select Canon XXX series Network ("XXX" stands for your printer model name).​​

Note If you can't scan after changing the settings, check to make sure that your scanner or printer is selected in the Network Selection screen.

Change scan settings to enable scans from the printer panel

Tip You can also set the IJ Scan Utility settings to enable you to scan from the operation panel on your printer.

  1. Start IJ Scan Utility.

  2. Select Settings....

    figure: IJ Scan Utility, Settings button highlighted

  3. The Settings dialog appears. Select the General Settings General Settings icon tab.

  4. For Product Name, select an item with Network after the product name, then choose Select that appears to its right.

    Settings (General Settings) window, Select button highlighted

  5. At the bottom of the Network Selection screen, select Scan-from-Operation-Panel Settings.

    Network Selection screen, Scan-from-Operation-Panel Settings button highlighted

  6. Select your scanner or printer from Scanners, and select OK.

    Scanner selected, OK button highlighted

  7. You'll return to the Network Selection screen. Select OK.

​The IJ Scan Utility main screen reappears. You can now scan from the printer's operation panel.

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