Can a lens filter or lens hood be used with the camera? (PowerShot SX 50HS)

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Can a lens filter or lens hood be used with the camera? (PowerShot SX 50HS)


A lens filter or lens hood ( sold separately) can be used with the camera. Please note that a lens hood and filter adapter cannot be attached to the camera at the same time.

Lens Filter and Lens Adapter

A 67mm Canon-brand lens filter (sold separately) can be attached to the lens of the camera when used in conjunction with a Filter Adapter FA-DC67A (sold separately).
Canon-brand lens filter (67 mm dia.)

Canon 67mm UV Protector Filter
67mm Circular Polarizer PL-CB

Protects the lens and enables a variety of shooting effects.
Filter Adapter FA-DC67A

Adapter required when mounting a 67 mm filter.

Lens Hood

A Canon-brand Lens Hood LH-DC60 (sold separately) can be attached to the camera.
Lens Hood LH-DC60

Prevents extraneous light outside the angle of view from entering the lens and causing flares or ghosting, which reduces image quality.

Cautionary Information on Attaching Lens Accessories

  • It is not possible to attach the Lens Hood LH-DC60 when the Filter Adapter FA-DC67A is attached to the lens. Additionally, attaching the Filter Adapter FA-DC67A after attaching the Lens Hood LH-DC60 is also not possible. Please choose one of the accessories based on the shooting situation.
  • When the Filter Adapter FA-DC67A and a lens filter are attached, it will not be possible to attach the lens cap included with the camera. After you have finished shooting, please remove the Filter Adapter FA-DC67A and the lens filter before attempting to attach the lens cap.

Camera accessories are sold separately. Note that availability varies by area, and some accessories may no longer be available.



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