Canon IJ Printer Utility (Mac)

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Printer Utility


Canon IJ Printer Utility

The Canon IJ Printer Utility allows you to perform printer maintenance or change the settings of the printer.

What You Can Do with the Canon IJ Printer Utility

figure:Canon IJ Printer Utility

You can switch between pages in Canon IJ Printer Utility by the pop-up menu. You can choose one of the following items from the pop-up menu.


Clean the printer to clear up clogged print head nozzles.

Test Print


Execute a test print to check the condition of the print head nozzles and to adjust the print head position.

Power Settings

Operate the power of this printer from the printer driver.

Ink Level Information

Check the remaining ink levels.

Quiet Settings

You can reduce the operating noise of the printer.

Custom Settings
Change the settings of this printer.


  • To operate the Canon IJ Printer Utility, you must first turn on the printer.
  • Depending on the items selected, the computer communicates with the printer to obtain information. If the computer is unable to communicate with the printer, an error message may be displayed.
    If this happens, click Cancel to display the most recent settings specified on your computer.

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