Simultaneous Recording of MXF and MP4 Clips (XF200 / XF205)
Article ID: ART116185 | Date published: 05/12/2015 | Date last updated: 08/15/2015


Simultaneous Recording of MXF and MP4 Clips (XF200 / XF205)


Setting the video format to MXF+MP4, you can record simultaneously clips in MXF format and clips in MP4format. When the video format is set to MXF+MP4, start and stop recording the MXF clip with the START/STOP button, as usual. You can select whether that action would automatically record also an MP4 clip (MXF+MP4 simultaneous recording) or whether to assign a separate control to start and stop recording MP4 clips (MP4 backup recording).
MXF+MP4 Simultaneous Recording: The camcorder will record the same scene in two different formats.
MP4 Backup Recording: The camcorder will keep recording continuously in MP4 format, ensuring that you never miss important shooting opportunities. You can set the [Bit Rate/Resolution] setting of MP4 clips to [3 Mbps 640x360] or link it to the video configuration of the MXF clips.

Simultaneous recording of MP4 clips is explained in the following sections.

1. Hold down the button on the <POWER> switch and slide the switch to <CAMERA>.

2. Press the <MENU> button.

3. Set the video format to [MXF (CF)+MP4 ].
Push the joystick up/down to select [ Other Functions] -> [Movie Format].
Select [MXF (CF)+MP4 ] and press <SET>.

: Joystick
: In the following procedures, 'Press <SET>' refers to the action of pressing the joystick straight down to select the desired setting.

The time code running mode will change to [Free Run] and start advancing.

4. Open the MP4 [Bit Rate/resolution] submenu.
Select [ Other Functions] -> [MP4].

Select [Bit Rate/resolution].
Select one of the options below:
  • [Linked to MXF]: Settings will be automatically determined according to the MXF bit rate and resolution.
  • [3 Mbps 640x360]: Recording will be set to 3 Mbps 640×360.

Video configurations of MXF clips and MP4 clips are shown in the table below.

MXF ClipsMP4 Clips
[Bit Rate/Resolution] in MXF+MP4 mode
[Bit Rate/Resolution] set to [Linked to MXF][Bit Rate/Resolution] set to [3 Mbps 640x360]
Bit rateResolutionFrame rateBit rateResolutionFrame rateBit rate/ ResolutionFrame rate
50 Mbps1920×108059.94i35 Mbps1920×108059.94P3 Mbps /
29.97P24 Mbps29.97P
1280×72059.94P17 Mbps1280×72059.94P29.97P
23.98P9 Mbps23.98P23.98P
35 Mbps1920×108059.94i35 Mbps1920×108059.94P29.97P
29.97P24 Mbps29.97P
1440×108059.94i35 Mbps59.94P29.97P
1280×72059.94P17 Mbps1280×72059.94P
23.98P9 Mbps23.98P23.98P
25 Mbps1440×108059.94i35 Mbps1920×108059.94P29.97P
29.97P24 Mbps29.97P

5. Open the MP4 [Rec Control] submenu.
Select [ Other Functions] -> [MP4] -> [Rec Control].

Select the [START/STOP button] then press <SET>.

6. Begin recording.
Press the < START/STOP > button.

MXF+MP4 simultaneous recording will begin. [STBY] changes to [ REC] and [MP4] changes to [ MP4] on the screen.

7. End recording.
Press the < START/STOP > button.
MXF+MP4 simultaneous recording will end. [ REC] changes to [STBY] and [ MP4] will no longer be displayed.
  • If any memory card becomes full during MXF+MP4 simultaneous recording, recording will stop on all recording media. If a memory card becomes full during MP4 backup recording, recording will stop only on the memory card that is full and continue on other recording media.
  • Simultaneous recording cannot be used together with other special recording modes or real-time proxy transfer mode.
  • While recording, the [Free Run] time code will be recorded with the MXF clip.