Steam Is Emitted from the Printer Output Area (imageCLASS and Faxphone)

Article ID: ART116273 | Date published: 05/12/2015 | Date last updated: 10/16/2015


<Cause> Moisture in the paper evaporated due to the heat generated when the toner fixes. (particularly when the room temperature is low).
Although this is not a malfunction, you can prevent the steam emission by replacing the paper with new paper in an unopened package.
Also, store paper away from moisture.
If you print on damp paper
If you print on damp paper, steam may be emitted from the printer output area.
Because moisture in the paper is evaporating due to the heat generated when toner fixes, this is not a malfunction. (This is likely to occur when the room temperature is low.)
To help paper avoid moisture or dryness, keep paper in its wrapper until it is ready to be used.

Should you smell something burning, immediately turn OFF the machine, unplug the power plug from the AC power outlet, and contact your local authorized Canon dealer or the Canon help line at 800-652-2666 (800- OK-Canon). Continued use may lead to a fire or electrical shock.

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