Set Up Scan Folders From Quick Toolbox for Mac - MAXIFY

Article ID: ART116346 | Date published: 05/12/2015 | Date last updated: 02/21/2020


Learn how to use Quick Toolbox to set up destination folders for your Maxify scans and faxes.


You can set a network folder as the destination for items scanned from the operation panel of the printer and for received fax data.

Add a destination folder

  1. Open the Canon Quick Toolbox.

  2. Select your printer from Printer List. If your printer doesn't display, select Refresh.

    figure: Main screen, printer selected

    Items related to your printer appear under Function:

  3. Select Destination Folder Settings.

    figure: Destination Folder Settings selected

    The Folder Setting Utility window appears.

  4. Select Add....

    figure: Folder Setting Utility window

    The Add Destination Folder window appears.

  5. Enter the Displayed Name*, Folder Path*, etc. (*Items with an asterisk are required fields)

    figure: Add Destination Folder / Edit Destination Folder window

  6. Select Connection Test. 

  7. Check to see if you can connect to the new folder. Before you do, make sure that:

    • The printer is turned on.

    • The printer is connected to the network.

    • Another software or user is not using the printer.

    • An error is not displayed on the operation panel of the printer.

  8. Check the message, then select OK.

  9. Select OK in the Add Destination Folder window.

  10. Select Register to Printer.

  11. Check the message, then select OK.

Set the auto save location for fax data

You can set one of the folders in the Destination Folder Setting List as the auto save location for fax data.

  1. Follow Steps 1-3 above.

  2. Select a folder you want to use as the save location from the Destination Folder Setting List, then select Settings. If a PIN code entry screen appears, enter the code.
    Note If no folder displays in Destination Folder Setting List, follow Steps 4-5 above to add a folder.

    figure: Folder Setting Utility window
  3. Check the message, then select OK.

    A checkmark Checkmark icon appears in FAX Auto Save Location of the set folder.

  4. Select Register to Printer.

  5. Check the message, then select OK.

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