Set up interval timer to take multiple shots of the same scene over time - EOS 7D Mark II

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Learn how to set up interval timer shooting on your EOS 7D Mark II. Includes steps to define the time between shots and the number of shots.


Why interval timer shooting

  • With the interval timer, you can set the time between shots and the number of shots.
  • Interval timer shooting is useful for taking several images of the same scene over a set period of time. The scene could be a sunset, event, project, or anything you find interesting. 

Steps to set interval timer

  1. Turn  <ON> the camera.
    Turn on the camera
  2. Press the <MENU> button.
    Menu button
  3. Press the <> button and select the [  ] tab.
     Q button Camera tab
  4. Turn the <> dial to select the [  ] tab. In <> mode, the setting is located in the [  ] tab.
     Rotary button Third page of the camera tab
  5. 5. Turn the <> dial to select [Interval timer], then press <>.
     Multifunction button Interval timer setting
  6. Turn the <> dial to select [Enable], then press the <INFO.> button.
     Info button Interval timer duration and number of shots
  7. Turn the <> dial to select the hour, minute, second, or number of shots.
  8. Press <> so [  ] is displayed.
  9. Turn the <> dial to select the desired number, then press <> (Returns to [  ]).
  10. Interval - settable from [00:00:01] to [99:59:59].
  11. Number of shots - settable from [01] to [99]. If you set [00], the camera keeps shooting until you stop it.
    number of shots
  12. Turn the <> dial to select [OK], then press <>. 
  13. The interval timer settings ( Interval  No. of shots) are displayed on the menu screen. The LCD panel shows  ].
    Interval settings on the menu screen Interval icon in the LCD
  14. Take the picture.

Good to know

  • If the lens focus mode switch is set to <AF>, the camera does not shoot when focus is not achieved. Manually focus on the subject to avoid this.
  • Interval timer shooting can be combined with AEB, WB bracketing, multiple exposures, and HDR mode.
  • During interval timer shooting, attach the eyepiece cover. Stray light entering the viewfinder can throw off the exposure.

Special conditions
  • If a long exposure or shutter speed longer than the shooting interval is set, the camera cannot shoot at the set interval. The camera will thereby shoot fewer shots than the number set for interval timer shooting. Also, the number of shots may decrease when the shutter speed and the shooting interval are almost the same or close.
  • If card recording time is longer than the set shooting interval, due to card performance or shooting settings, etc., the camera may not shoot at the set shooting interval.
  • If you use flash with interval timer shooting, set an interval longer than the flash recharging time. Otherwise, if the interval is too short, the flash may not fire.

  • Live View shooting, movie shooting, bulb exposures, or mirror lockup cannot be performed with interval timer shooting.
  • During interval timer shooting, auto power off does not take effect. Use an AC adapter kit for prolonged interval timer shooting.
  • Interval timer shooting will be canceled and reset to [Disable] if you do any of the following:
    • turn off the power
    • display the Live View or movie shooting screen
    • set the shooting mode to <B> or a custom shooting mode
    • use EOS Utility.
  • After interval timer shooting starts, you cannot use remote control shooting or remote-release shooting with an EOS-dedicated, external Speedlite.

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