Create and assign custom shooting modes to the mode dial - EOS 7D Mark II



Learn how to create and assign custom shooting modes to C1/C2/C3 on the mode dial of your EOS 7D Mark II camera.


If you find yourself reconfiguring your camera frequently with the same set of settings, you might want to save them to speed resetting your camera. You can save the shooting mode, menu functions, and custom function settings to the <C1>, <C2>, and <C3> positions on the Mode Dial.

Save custom shooting modes

  1. Switch <ON> the camera.
    Power switch
  2. Set the Mode Dial to < P / Tv / Av / M / B>.
    Mode Dial
  3. Press the <MENU> button.
    Menu button
  4. Press the <> button and select the [  ] tab.
    Q button Wrench page
  5. Turn the <> dial to select the [  ] tab.
    Rotary dial Wrench menu, page 4
  6. Turn the <> dial to select [Custom shooting mode (C1-C3)], then press <>.
    Multifunction dial Custom shooting mode
  7. Turn the <> dial to select [Register settings], then press <>.
    Register settings
  8. Turn the <> dial to select the Custom shooting mode to be registered, then press <>.
    Selecting the mode
  9. Turn the <> dial to select [OK], then press <>.
    Select OK

Good to know

  • If you change a setting while you shoot in the <C1>, <C2>, or <C3> mode, the respective Custom shooting mode can be automatically updated to reflect the changes in settings. To enable this automatic update, in step 7, set [Auto update set.] to [Enable].
  • If you select [Clear settings] in step 7, the camera reverts to the default settings.
  • My Menu settings are not registered in Custom shooting modes.
  • You can still change shooting function and menu settings when the Mode Dial is <C1>, <C2>, or <C3>.
  • You can check which shooting modes are registered under <C1>, <C2>, and <C3> by pressing the <INFO> button. 

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Updated   11/29/2017

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